HOT RUBBER CRACK FILL  (Additional Option)
This is the best option for those larger cracks that are in need of being sealed. This is same method that is used by cities and states for maintaining the roads we drive on.

The product is heated to over 400 degrees. By applying a heated product you can be sure that moister can no longer enter the crack and cause more damage.

POTHOLE PATCHING (Additional Option)
Any potholes to be repaired will have all lose debris removed first. We then use a high performance pothole patch to fill the area. Repair will be tampered down to ensure that it will be level with the surrounding area.

We also offer Asphalt Replacement


As with any project, preparation is key to long lasting results. We first use an edging machine with steel brushes to remove any overgrowth growing up between the cracks and along the edges of the driveway. We then use a high pressure blower to remove all debris. Using this method of cleaning prior to any product being applied will ensure that the surface is clean and product has a good base to adhere to. 

OIL STAINS (Included)

We scrub any oil stains to remove any lose residue. We then apply oil spot primer to treat and clean oil spots. This ensures that the final product will adhere to these areas.

​​​​American Stripes & Sealcoating

Unless requested otherwise we always apply our commercial-grade sealer by hand.  Applying the sealer by hand using a brush allows us to work the sealer into the asphalt, which makes it last longer and gives the surface a thicker consistency.

Our sealer is a premium coal tar emulsion combined with an epoxy fortifier ending up with a industrial grade material that is engineered to protect asphalt, assuring the maximum amount of rejuvenation and protection while allowing the pavement to function as intended. We also add a special grade silica sand to sealer. Mixing sand into the sealer results into a thicker sealer that is great for filling in all the dimples and cracks on an old and beat-up driveway.

This will ensure that no premature traffic will be allowed on the newly sealcoated area.